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Excursions and Water Sports in Paros

Discover the island of Antiparos

Travellers have the chance to visit the neighbouring island of Antiparos situated only a mile away from Paros. Antiparos is a very quiet unspoiled island of the Cyclades with pristine beaches and endless turquoise waters. The main street leading from the port into the village is filled with cafes and restaurants and there are places to accommodate all guests. At night the village transforms and accommodates lively crowds having fun at the bars creating a party atmosphere. Worth visiting are the medieval castle build in the early 1400’s and the enormous cave of Antiparos with the oldest stalagmite in all of Europe. Faneromeni and Agios Spyridonas are the two most popular beaches of Antiparos.

Cruise to Delos and Mykonos

Visitors can benefit from a must-see day trip to the famous islands of Delos and Mykonos. The sacred island of Delos, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, is one of the most important archaeological sites in all of Greece. There are many things to admire while in Delos; the ancient ruins, the famous landmarks such as the temple of Apollo, the platform of the Stoivadeion and Delos Synagogue.

From the quiescent island of Delos travellers will continue to the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, the epitome of chic and trendy. While in Mykonos visitors can walk around the narrow pebble-paved streets and admire the whitewashed Cycladic cubic houses and the famous windmills of Mykonos, visit the famous little Venice of the Aegean and the stunning beaches and enjoy the vivacious legendary nightlife. Sophisticated brands and boutiques can be found around the port as well as delectable gourmet dining restaurants throughout the island.

Cruise to Santorini island

Travellers can take a cruise to the enchanting island of Santorini, sloping downward from the volcanic cliffs to the Aegean Sea. While in Santorini visitors can enjoy the dramatic landscape, visit the bustling capital of Fira and the scenic villages of Oia and Imerovilgi, as well as the unparalleled beaches of Santorini with the gold, red or white sand. Within the maze-like alleys and stone-built houses of Santorini guests can taste some of the fine Santorinian wine at one of the best restaurants or bars and catch a glimpse of the world-famous breathtaking sunset.


Windsurfing Destination in Greece

For travelers who enjoy windsurf, kite surf and other water sports, Paros Island is the most ideal windsurfing destination in Greece. The island’s unique weather conditions have made it one of the most popular windsurfing destinations in the world, where visitors can enjoy windsurf, kite surf and all kinds of water sports at the Golden Beach of Paros Island in Greece or any other beach of their choice.

Kite Surfing and Windsurfing in Paros

Paros Island is a renowned windsurf, kite surf and water sports spot in the Cyclades Island Complex. It has been chosen by the Professional Windsurfers Association as a world cup destination. The new Golden Beach of Paros Island in Greece has been hosting the World cup every year since 1993.

Windsurfing at the Golden Beach

The four centers for kite surfing & wind surfing in Paros offer beginners courses as well as advanced courses for professional surfers. A wide variety of facilities for water sports, kite surfing and windsurfing in Paros as well as a wide variety of Paros accommodation is also available throughout the island.

Water sports and Kite Surfing in Paros Greece

The Poseidon of Paros Hotel and Spa is located within walking distance from some of the best windsurfing schools of the island offering professional windsurfing equipment and training. Ideally situated next to the Golden Beach of Paros, one of the most famous beaches for windsurfing and kite surfing in Greece, the Poseidon Hotel complex is an ideal choice for those seeking some water sports adventure, as it boasts the best location for wind and kite surfing in Greece.


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