Tzitziki Beach Bar


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Tzitziki Beach Bar – Golden Beach Paros

Here summer is a state of mind

A retro VW van modified and fully equipped to meet beach bar standards sits on Golden Beach, one of the most popular beaches of Paros and surfers’ favorite beach on the island, along with 30 umbrellas and 60 sunbeds and is ready to offer bathers a relaxing and comfortable day at the beach with the sounds of summer atmospheric music, the sound of the sea and the cicadas. The Tzitziki is ready to fulfil the desires of its friends offering refreshing beverages and smoothies, fresh juices, coffees and signature cocktails specially created for the Tzitziki by our mixologist having only summer and the beach in his mind. In case swimming has triggered your appetite, the Tzitziki serves the all-day menu right where you are; on the beach! Please note that there is a charge applying to everyone – hotel guests and outside visitors- for the umbrellas including a safety box for your personal items, a sun powered charger for cellphones, ice-cold water in a champagne ball with ice and clean beach towels. For umbrella reservations, you may contact the hotel’s concierge. The Tzitziki Beach Bar also organizes exclusive parties and events.

Serving Hours

From 11:00 to the sunset


  • 30 Umbrellas
  • 60 Sunbeds
  • Signature cocktails
  • All-day menu
  • Safety box for personal items
  • Sun powered charger for cellphones
  • Ice-cold Water
  • Clean Towels