aelos pool bar


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Aeolos Pool Bar in Paros Island

A summer day’s dream

Right by the Golden Beach, one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Paros, Aeolos pool bar plays its own role in the best bummer holidays of the hotel guests and visitors. Closer to the Golden Beach than Poseidon pool bar, Aeolos pool bar offers from morning till sunset a lively and carefree atmosphere. From the scrumptious snacks to ice-cold coffees and beverages, smoothies, juices, beers and signature cocktails guests can enjoy all they may desire in view of the cobalt sea. We suggest you enjoy your drink inside the pool sitting on the in-water bar stools of Aeolos Pool Bar and feel the ultimate refreshing experience. Please note that a charge applies for outside visitors using the pool.

Serving Hours

From 10:00 until Sunset


  • Signature cocktails
  • All-day menu