Santa Maria Beach: The Best Place to Catch a Sunset on Paros

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The island of Paros is blessed with some of the most gorgeous beaches in the Aegean, ranging from pristine rocky coves to long open expanses of powdery sand. Quiet, wave-sheltered beaches with shallow waters ideal for relaxation, swimming and sunbathing or more vibrant beaches lined with beach bars, restaurants, and watersports centers.

Situated in Plastira bay, close to Naoussa, Santa Maria Beach in Paros, truly has it all. Starting pretty shallow, the beach is ideal for families with young children that can also enjoy a great range of watersports such as diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and snorkeling. With plenty of room to stretch out families can pick a quiet spot on the beach to avoid the crowds. Sports and party enthusiasts can enjoy their splash in the crystal-clear waters with loud beats from famous DJs and thrilling watersports adventures. The beach is fully organized with beach bars and taverns to suit all tastes and preferences.

Santa Maria is divided into two separate beaches, the main Santa Maria beach with the homonymous camping and Mikri Santa Maria a little further which is smaller, quieter, and better protected from the winds offering a cozy beach bar, sunbeds, and umbrellas. Both beaches are quite popular especially during the peak season so make sure to arrive early in the day to secure the best spot.

Combining relaxation with adventure and entertainment, the beach of Santa Maria is considered by many the best beach in Paros. Its idyllic setting, powdery sand, crystal clear waters and splendid views to Naxos Island make it the ultimate summer hot spot.

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How to get to Santa Maria Beach in Paros

Now, if you are wondering how to get to Santa Maria beach in Paros, you can either reach the beach by bus, car or water taxi from the port of Naoussa. The beach is situated about 15 km from the island’s capital Parikia which means that it will take about 25 minutes to reach by car which you can park right by the beach. If you decide to take the bus, you will have to go from Parikia to Naoussa and then to Santa Maria. The bus stop is right next to the beach.

From morning till late at night, Santa Maria beach is the place to be, to swim in the turquoise waters, unwind with your feet in the sand and party the day away with a cocktail in hand.